Artist Statement


   Art is my escape hatch……………the doorway to another dimension where stress is non-existent and time takes a back seat.  Since 2009 I have been exploring the amazing world of watercolour.
I love the spontaneity……how the picture sometimes paints itself and how the paint sometimes chooses the subject so I don’t always need a plan, just a mood or feeling. I believe we are all creative beings having been created in the image of the Ultimate Creator. Most of my work attempts to depict the beauty around me as I both see and feel it. I love painting in a way that allows and encourages the paint to give its own input and I often use methods of pouring, splattering and stamping, always to what the paint wants to say.
As a follower of Jesus, I paint in order to help others less fortunate than myself. Please know that the proceeds from the purchase of any painting will be donated to provide much-needed food, medical care and hope for people in need. Thank you for being part of changing lives for the better.


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